Vitramed distributes and supports a range of GI-related products in Australia and Southeast Asia. All products being considered for distribution are trialled and registered appropriately to the relevant markets.

We specialise in assisting our customers in establishing breath testing for H. pylori and FODMAP intolerance using Hydrogen and Methane monitors.

Vitramed has offices in Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore.

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EnDoclot haemostasis

EnDoclot haemostasis

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Our Breath Testing Devices can help to enhance your practice.

  • Hydrogen Breath Testing - Gastro+
  • Hydrogen Methane Breath Testing - Gastro Check
  • C14 - Helicobacter - HeliProbe



Polysaccharide Haemostatic System.



Single Use Endoscopic Consumables

  • Cold & Hot Biopsy Forceps              Polypectomy Snares         Polyp Traps
  • Bougie Dilators                                 Guidewire
  • Sclerotherapy Needles                     Valve Caps
  • Proctoscope with light source           Cleaning Brushes

IRC (Infrared Coagulation)                    Stents



Anorectal Manometry

Element Gold is Vitramed's elemental diet shake to assist in the relief of digestive diseases stomach and bowel disorders and sensitivities.

An elemental diet can be referred to as a bowel rest diet, it is a liquid diet that contains all the basic nutrients your body needs that requires little digestion and is easily and quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

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